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Our Fabulous Team

After years of requests by friends and family to record her own material, in March 2018 Melissa asked some Yoga Center friends to learn some of her songs for this project and they began recording Songs to the Divine in July 2018. 

Because this music has been directly inspired by Spirit, Melissa wanted musicians who strive to live each day in Spirit to join her in this endeavor, and who could approach it as the offering it has been from the start.  We feel this devotion comes through and can clearly be heard on every song.  Each of these friends is an excellent musician… and each of them is a super-nice person!


George Martinovich

Kevin Yoches

Vladana Zorjan-Stubbs

Ron Anderson

Masako Popick

(Atmabodha): bass guitars


Originally from Hungary where he played bass in a number of successful Hungarian and European rock bands.  Featured in Hungarian Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Budapest.  After coming to California has played non-stop in local bands, raising his family and making a living as a bass player.

(Godson): trap drums


We’ve known him since conception and have watched with pride as Kevin learned drums in the high school band, studied music theory at the college level, and went on to play for several local rock bands to great acclaim.

(Kshanti): flute


Originally from Serbia, where she learned piano and guitar and where she played flute in orchestras and smaller ensembles.  Has entered and won musical competitions in Europe and now works as a licensed music therapist.

(Mitra): 12-string, harp


Ron has a lovely bass voice and plays several kinds of harp, including pedal harp as included in orchestras.  Also plays guitar and 12-string guitar and has added his musical talents to many a memorable performance since the 1970s.

(Riti): piano


Originally from Japan and is a trained pianist.  She has sung and played keyboards and percussion in a number of local bands, including her family band.  Her knowledge of music theory and her notation skills made this project SO much easier.


Asaf Fulks: Recording Engineer, OC Recording Studio (full service music production/distribution)  Many thanks to Asaf for his outstanding musical sensitivity, his mastery of digital recording and production techniques, and his experienced guidance throughout this project.  I interviewed 4-5 Orange County recording studios and found that Asaf had what was needed to bring this album to fruition.  He immediately recognized that this music was different from that of his usual clients — he was eager to tackle this project and was very encouraging from the start.

See our Gallery page for more studio photos.

The Sweet Soul Music team also includes the amazing Larry Sweet, Lisa Sweet, Jamie Sweet, Serena Sweet, and the adorable Sydney Sweet, and of course Brother Bob and Sister Jane and the steadfast Tobey.  None of this could have happened without the ongoing support of these dear ones... many, many thanks to you!


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