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November 27: 

Grammy nominations were released this morning so I hurried online to the New Age category. Sadly, our album is not among the finalists.  I'm still so excited to have even been considered for a Grammy and want to listen to all the albums still in the running!

July 2: We're being considered for a Grammy Award!

I just learned this morning that our album is being submitted for consideration to the 62nd Grammy Awards as Best Album in the New Age category.... What?!?!?!?  I'm so excited!

March 6: Mail outreach completed!

Over the last couple of weeks we mailed out about 45 discs to "new age" shops in SoCal and about 80 custom postcards to spiritual centers in North America.  Seeds planted!

February 17: CDs on sale in the bookstore!

Support the Answer Bookstore... buy your Sweet Soul Music CDs there!

February 9: Reception for the team!

Larry and Melissa are hosting a reception for the musician friends who contributed so much to this album.  Appetizers and beverages will be served and CDs will be shared!

February 6: We're up on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, etc!

You can find Songs to the Divine on all your favorite music & download sites... spread the word!

January 29: The CDs have shipped!

...and they arrived on February 5th... hurray!  You can download the songs in the Music Room and at

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