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Get your Sweet Soul Music!

Available on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, & all your favorite music sites and services!

I'm a singer, songwriter, and musician who loves to sing to Spirit.  I play guitars, keyboards, and most any hand percussion instrument.  On Songs to the Divine I also play autoharp, tamboura, and all the synthesized instruments.


My friends were kind enough to join in this adventure... for more about them visit our Team page.  If you've heard these songs and want to sing along, the lyrics are available in our Music Room.


Take a look around to learn more about our music and our inspiration.  We hope you enjoy our Sweet Soul Music!

Guitar Playing
Children Playing Bongo Drums
Piano Keys

The Sweet Soul Music project began and continues as an offering to Spirit.  These songs are personal worship songs inspired by scripture, the teachings of Ramakrishna Ananda, and meditative states.  They have been written over more than 45 years of dedicated practice in yoga.

The concept of Divine Mother is present in many religions and can be thought of as the Holy Spirit, Mother Nature, Shakti, Gaia, the creative life force.  In Eastern faiths she has many names and faces representing aspects of Spirit such as wisdom, truth, beauty, goodness, protection, success.


The guru here is the true guru, the spiritual guide who is steeped in scriptures, is experienced in high states of consciousness, is recognized by other true gurus, and is named as a guru by them.

There are very few true gurus on earth at any given time.


These songs reach out to Spirit in the desire to live in joy as a child of God,

in a relationship with Spirit, in balance and in tune.

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